Tumbler Ridge coal mine blasting underway in northern B.C.

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Restarting a coal mine in Tumbler Ridge will require blasting, announced Quintette Resources, who have acquired the Quintette Mine from Teck Resources. 

Blasting started on November 2 and will continue until December 1, occurring between 5 to 6 p.m. to minimize traffic disruption along the Murray River Forest Service road, where the mine is located. 

Blast guards have already been put in place, with the blasts needed to construct culvert tunnels for a conveyor corridor. 

“The restart of the mine includes the construction of a conveyor that will transport raw coal from the Little Windy, Big Windy, and Window pit to the plant for processing and load-out to trains,” explained Quintette in a press release. 

It’s anticipated there will be approximately two blasts per week.

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